Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Shred It!

In celebration of the upcoming release of Shred It! on iOS we are giving away an iPad Mini! Make sure to like us for entry. Good luck!

Shred It! is the ultimate innovative endless runner. Snowboard your way down a paper slope, in a paper-crafted world. With six sublimely atmospheric stages, a dynamic weather cycle swirls around you, the sun melting away from day to night and the ever changing terrain beneath your board offering up new challenges from second to second. Shred It! is a different experience every time you play with newly generated runs every single time.

Battle the environment, carving your way though rocks, ramps, branches and cliff edges, encountering curious animals from owls to bears. They could all end your run in a heartbeat. Collect leaves and snowflakes as you ride, trigger cool jumps, unleash special abilities and unlock awesome new characters with paperclip tokens earned while you ride.

Challenge yourself to beat your own high-score and compete against your friends and the whole Shred It! community.

Registration open until: 30/09/2014 11:59pm

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