Sunday, 6 April 2014


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You have arrived at your holiday destination and you are in the mood to enjoy every minute! Alas, 24 hours after your arrival, you discover that your tummy has other ideas. No one wants their holiday plans cramped by an upset stomach, so before you get to your destination, you might want to give your system some additional support with Bimuno® TRAVELAID – a travel product which helps to keep your digestive system fighting fit.

Keeping safe and healthy while you are travelling is usually at the top of the list for holiday concerns, so a basic safety kit is useful. Antiseptic wipes, plasters and pain killers are standard, as are some of the more heavy duty diarrhoea preparations, but if you take TRAVELAID a week before you travel, your system will have been given a boost to cope with unfamiliar water and cooking methods during your holiday. Continue taking Bimuno each day that you are away, until you return to your normal routine.

Bimuno Travelaid is an easy product to take – children over the age of six can take Bimuno too, so it’s perfect for the family. Once you have had breakfast, pop three chewy pastilles out of the package and chew them thoroughly – that’s it! No harsh tasting medicines and it’s just one dose per day. The product contains Galacto-oligosaccharides which encourages the gut to produce and maintain “good” bacteria.

Change in climate, being tired or stressed can all put your system under strain. Just before a holiday, you may notice that you are a bit jaded and overwrought – so don’t waste your precious vacation feeling less that well. Help your system with a bit of extra attention and feel full of beans for your holiday experience!

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