Saturday, 1 March 2014

TShirt Studio

Embrace the darkness! Join us in TShirtStudio's T-Shirt printing revolution and you might win a free personalised t-shirt.

Many companies have been using inferior technology to achieve what ThirtStudio have refused to do for many years. We have rejected the dark side for so long because we felt it had nothing to offer our customers in terms of quality and results. But a revolution in dark garment printing means we are turning.

Very soon TShirtStudio will be offering full colour photo and image printing on our darkest range of garments allowing you to step into the darkness and step out in the best personalised printed dark garments on the market.

Sign up by entering your email below and we'll make contact when the moment arrives. Also every week one person on the mailing list has the chance to win a free personalised t-shirt. The earlier you join the better chance you have to win.

To keep it fair (I know that's not very 'dark side') you can only win once during the duration of the competition. As soon as the sweepstake finishes we'll discard the email list and never use it for anything else.

The dark side loves sneaky tactics, so every friend you refer to this competition who signs up gives you an extra point in the final free t-shirt sweepstakes. Dum Dum Deeeerm!

Registration open until:

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