Sunday, 29 December 2013

Just go Henry

Your chance to win an iPad Air There’s an online account for you, and a linked account for each of your children, all managed online and through the goHenry iOS and Android apps. Each child gets their own goHenry card. Don't worry; it’s not a credit or debit card, it’s a cash card for children with parental controls. You set the rules and spending limits and your children gain independence to manage their money. And because only the money on the card can be spent, there’s no danger of debt or overdraft and no expensive mistakes. Parents can easily set up automatic pocket money payments, set tasks to help their children earn extra or make one-off money transfers straight to their child's account, all in realtime. Give your children more than pocket money. Give them money confidence. goHenry takes minutes to set up, but it lasts a lifetime. Προθεσμία συμμετοχής:

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